Paediatric physiotherapy does not mean general physiotherapy applied to children because children have specific characteristics, such as:

1- Learning difficulties in children can be defined as bodily neurodevelopmental disorders.

Children who suffer from learning difficulties, usually also have problems with balance, lack of coordination, poor proprioception, sensory disturbances and low muscle tone, so that the construction of the nervous system was not optimal.

Treatment aimed at reprogramming and improving the sensory and motor bases of the child has immediate effects on their functioning at school, in addition to the necessary pedagogical adaptations to improve their performance.

2- Slight problems must also be treated.

Serious neurodevelopmental problems, such as cerebral palsy, are easy to diagnose and treat. On the other hand, slight problems of the central nervous system are frequently misinterpreted by professionals and by parents. Sometimes it is thought that the children will overcome all their “delays” spontaneously, but this is not true and in certain cases accumulates even more delay. The problem is also often attributed to aspects of personal identity: “He is like that, a little clumsy.” But unfortunately, it is known that developmental immaturity in babies gives a very high probability of having attention, learning and behavioural difficulties in children.

3- Not all stimulation exercises for the neurological development are relevant.

The physiotherapist always includes the family with stimulation protocols, in addition to the more specialized physiotherapy sessions, where there are aspects that are more complex. It is necessary daily stimulation.

Not because an exercise is healthy is relevant for the nervous system at a certain stage. For example, swimming is an excellent physical exercise, but it is probably ineffective for a child who has trouble walking down stairs or who cannot ride a bike without. Likewise, exercises with fine motor hands may not deliver results if the neck is stiff.

It is the responsibility of the paediatric physiotherapist to know the best exercises in each case.