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Massage Cream



  • Fisiocrem is a natural cream effective in muscle and ligament massage.
  • Fisiocrem contains natural active ingredients to prevent injuries due to daily exercise or intense physical effort.

60ml - 7€ / 250ml - 21€


Scars Cream

  • It helps to reduce the size, thickness, height and color of new and old scars (up to 30 years).
  • It is an effective solution for post-surgical scars caused by injury, traumas and burns.


Gel (10ml) - 26,50€

Stick (4,5ml) - 29,70€





  • Proprioceptive facilitation.
  • Muscular facilitation.
  • Reduction of muscle fatigue.
  • Reduction of shoelace.
  • Inhibition of pain.
  • Reduction of edema.
  • Improve lymphatic circulation.

Price: 8€


Massage Machines



Our small handheld device gives you a fabulous vibration massage, which leaves you energized.

Price: 29€



Cellumax massages the connective tissue and supports blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.

Price: 139€

Foot Relax

It is our feet that endure the most pressure throughout the day. So, we must to reward them.

Price: 29,90€



EyeLoop simulates a relaxing pressure massage with fingers, hands or palms exactly on these points.

Price: 139€


Miniwell Twist

  • Its ergonomic curved shape snuggles up harmoniously to parts of the body like the neck, shoulders, back, feet and stomach.

Price: 249 €


With its adjustable strap can be used in various body parts.

A soft vibrating massage that relaxes muscle tension, reaffirms the tissues, stimulates metabolism and releases endorphins.

Price: 149€


Neck Massager

The massage heads are adjustable in two directions and has the function of heat and vibration.

Massage intensity can be adjusted.

It has a therapeutic effect on muscles, nerves and vertebrae of the neck.

Price: 199€


Pelvic Floor Machines



  • PelvicGym is a medical device designed for vaginal use reeducation of pelvic floor muscles.
  • PelvicGym consists of two spheres, each has within it another smaller one, they are linked by a cord and carry a medical silicone coating.
  • PelviGym medical silicone has been dermatologically tested and has specific viscoelastic properties to promote recovery exercises pelvic floor.

Price: 26 €

Epino - ChildBirth Preparation

  • It consists of a silicone balloon, a knob, a display of pressure and an outlet connected by plastic hose.
  • Strengthen the perineal muscles to reduce the risk of tearing during delivery.
  • Elasticies the vaginal muscles to avoid, if possible, an episiotomy.

Price: 116€


Pelvic Belt - After ChildBirth

  • Stabilizes the pelvic joints after delivery.
  • Reduces in most cases the lumbar and hip pain inguinal.
  • Retrieves the position and size of the hips.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear over or under clothing.

Price: 63€


Isimoderm Scars - After ChildBirth

  • It helps reduce the size, thickness, height and color of new and old scars (up to 30 years).
  • For all types of scars: post-surgery, injury, trauma and burns.
  • It does not cause skin rashes or allergic reactions.

Price: 39€


Respitatory Therapy Machines


Cornet Nasal

  • Helps nasal breathing.
  • Improve the sinus and middle ear ventilation.
  • Reduce the upper airway resistance.
  • Indicated for Asthma, Dryness in the nose and throat, Sinusitis, Hoarsely and Oral breathing problems.

Price: 92,60€


Cornet Bucal

  • Release airway mucus.
  • Reduce the sensation of breathlessness.
  • Increase lung capacity.
  • Indicated for COPD, Emphysema, Pre-surgical therapy in lung interventions, Bronchiectasis, Cystic fibrosis, Asthma, Decreased elasticity of the lung tissue and Nonproductive cough of the smoker problems.

Price: 81,10€


Heat Therapy

The design of these electrical pads is specific for each articulation allowing further optimization of the heat along with a suitable fixing.
Lithium battery included in the pad itself, which increases freedom of movement while using them.

COMPEX Electrical Stimulation Machines

Below are the technical characteristics of our catalog machines.

Fitness Line


Sport Line


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